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How Can the Church Be ‘for the Nations’? Exclusive Interviews From #FTC22

Key teachers, missionaries, and leaders answer missions questions at the For the Church conference.
What does it mean for the local church to be “for the nations”?

What Is Fusion? Erik Odegard Answers

The Fusion program at Spurgeon College and Midwestern Seminary trains students for the mission field in ways a normal classroom can’t. Does it work? Erik Odegard, Fusion director, answers.

Is Missions Easier Than You Think? Steven Wendel Answers

Many Christians avoid missions because it’s only for the elite. But ABWE missionary Steven Wendel explains why that isn’t necessarily true.

Why the Doctrine of God Still Matters: Matthew Barrett

Missions exists to spread the knowledge of God. But who is God? And how are evangelicals today getting the Trinity wrong? Dr. Matthew Barrett offers much-needed insights.

Charles Spurgeon as a Sending Pastor With Geoff Chang

Charles Spurgeon is beloved as the “prince of preachers.” But what did his church do for global missions? We explore with Geoff Chang, assistant professor of church history and historical theology and the curator of the Spurgeon Library.

Turnaround: Dr. Jason Allen on Transformative Leadership in Ministry

What can Christian leaders do when radical change is needed in a ministry? Dr. Jason Allen, president of Midwestern Seminary, shares insights missionaries, pastors, and everyday believers from his new book Turnaround.

Missions in the Old Testament and in the Horn of Africa: Jason DeRouchie Explains

How does God show his heart for the nations in the Old Testament? And how is he still showing it throughout the least-reached parts of the world? Dr. Jason DeRouchie delivers some powerful exhortations.

Muslims and the Adopting Love of God With Joe Allen

What does the doctrine of adoption have to do with reaching Muslims for Christ? Dr. Joe Allen explains.

Missions History and Adoption: Dr. John Mark Yeats

What lessons does history teach us about the intersection of missions and mercy ministry? John Mark Yeats sits down to discuss missions movements in Great Britain, adoption, and more.

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