“I want to explore ministry as a current student or recent graduate.
About 1-6 Months

Our Intern track is for current students or graduates who want to pursue missions while still in school or early in their career, receive mentoring from veteran missionaries on the field, and meet tangible needs on the team.

College is a time in your life when there are more crossroads than there are straightaways, and that is why our student program strives to provide as much information, guidance, and experience as possible to those considering a career in missions. We want to help you experience new cultures, develop impactful relationships, and learn what it means to be a part of a real missionary team that is making an eternal difference.

The Intern track is also ideal for church planting interns, pastoral residents, and other short-term workers serving in North America.

Unlike short missions trips that only offer a glimpse into the life of a missionary, ABWE puts a strong emphasis on internships where you get to come alongside experienced long-term missionaries and experience what full-time missions is really like. We offer several established internship options (listed below) where you can easily plug into dynamic ministries, but as we know that missions isn’t one-size-fits-all, we also offer customizable internships so that you can also experience a specific region or ministry that God has placed on your heart. Our internships last anywhere from one to six months, and in many cases can be applied toward academic credit.

In addition to our internships, we also offer student mission trips a few times a year to give you a first-hand introduction to missions with ABWE. Led by our staff, these one-to-two week trips provide mission-minded students an opportunity to learn and serve together in a cross-cultural setting, and our hope is that God uses this time to open your heart missions — whether on a foreign field or in your neighborhood.

Wherever you are right now, whatever your experience or education level, we provide the training and resources you need to succeed. We’d love to speak with you about how our beliefs and vision align with your passion and how we can work together to reach the world for Christ.

We’d love to get to know you and discuss how God is calling you.

Student Opportunities

Project Office Student Internship: Construction

Are you pursuing a degree in Construction––either technologies or management? Do you have a heart for missions and a desire to use your skills to share the Gospel with others? If you can agree with both these questions, this internship is the perfect opportunity for you!
3 months (flexible)

Project Office Student Internship: Architecture and Design

Are you pursuing a degree in architecture, engineering, environmental/sustainability design, or master planning and programming? Do you have a heart for missions and desire to use your skills to share the Gospel with others? If you agree with both these questions, then this internship is the perfect opportunity for you!
3 months (flexible)

Pastoral Training Student Internship

Come serve alongside an ABWE missionary in providing training and ministry development for Nicaraguan pastors and churches. This internship is being offered to males only and is a great opportunity for those seeking pastoral/church ministry/theological education degrees.
2 months

Student Internship

As a student intern in Thailand, you will have the unique opportunity to serve at the Baptist Student Center located right downtown in Bangkok, Thailand.

Student Internship

Come serve alongside ABWE's team in the Middle East to build relationships and share the Gospel. This opportunity would especially be great for any student who is pursuing a medical degree, as this internship does include shadowing/serving at a medical clinic.
1 month

Music as Missions Student Internship

If you have a love for music and are interested in learning how you can use music in missions, than this is the internship for you! Come join our ABWE team in Bulgaria and see firsthand how music can be used in missions to build relationships and share the Gospel.
30 days