Training and Events

Training & Events
24-Hour DEMO

Learn what it means to be an ABWE missionary & how we can help you get to the mission field.

Evangelism & Discipleship Training

With more than 85 years of experience in doing missions around the world, ABWE is committed to training and sharing what we’ve learned. Whether you're a current missionary, a student or professional thinking about a career in missions, a mission-minded church, or someone who wants to learn how to better share the gospel in your own community,

we've got the tools you need.

Good Soil: Basic Seminar

The Good Soil Basic Seminar equips you to share God’s story of redemption chronologically, so that people will clearly understand, sincerely embrace, and firmly hold on to the gospel.

Good Soil: Trainer Certification Workshop

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to equip and certify missionaries and church leaders to train other believers in Good Soil evangelism and discipleship principles and techniques.

Good Soil: Hooks for Hanging The Old & New Testament Storylines

These workshops are designed to help you teach others how to grasp an overview of the Old and New Testament in two one-hour sessions.

Good Soil: BibleStorying

Learn how to use Good Soil's interactive learning techniques to improve your preaching and teaching by using engaging stories to captures hearts and minds for the Gospel.

Basic Missional Theology

Learn about systematic theology and how to overcome the doctrinal problems many face when worldviews collide.

Good Soil: The Roots of Faith

A chronological Bible survey of God's redemptive plan featuring 100 key Bible events in 25 major Bible eras, from Genesis through Revelation.

Storytellers Abroad

Join expert teachers from top media outlets for a two-week, hands-on course on multimedia-storytelling from the mission field.

Moving Beyond Lecture

Want to be an interactive speaker? Discover a six-step process for designing presentations and training sessions that consistently engage participants.

What is Good Soil?

Through training and providing resources, ABWE’s Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship helps believers understand the Bible and the world around them so they can effectively share the gospel.

Good Soil Resources

Download or purchase Good Soil's material, books, and resources that will help you share God's story of hope in a world filled with competing faiths and diverse cultures.

For Missionaries & Prefielders

Search trainings, events, and resources specific to you.

For Churches

Looking to energize your church to share gospel? Want to better support your missionaries around the world, or start sending some? Let us help your church play a powerful role in the Great Commission.

Want to know more about how we equip and train people on their path to missions? Read about our Steps to Service and our Prefield Development Program.

Sending Church Workshop

Embedded in the call to go is a call to send. This workshop is ideal for pastors and missions committees, and will help you get your first missionaries to the field.

Sustaining Church Workshop

Caring for your missionaries is one of the most significant investments your church will make. Learn how your church can help your missionaries to thrive.

Heart, Mind, & Soul

This interactive training is designed to help your church members understand Islamic doctrines so you all can effectively share the gospel with Muslims.