Southeast Asia

The Spiritual Need in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the most challenging, dynamic, and rewarding locations to work in missions. There is a tremendous need to reach the people who identify as Christian yet have not heard the truth of the Word of God, as well as to develop meaningful, life-changing relationships with unreached people groups including many Muslims and Buddhists who call this region home. Many Southeast Asians are curious about the gospel, and if you are ready to share the Scripture in a meaningful and engaging way, we can use you in Southeast Asia.​

ABWE in Southeast Asia

Our teams in Southeast Asia serve in various capacities. Some are ministering at established schools, which provide visas for them. Others are planting churches, making humanitarian interventions, or reaching men at gyms as members of NGOs.

As Southeast Asia grows economically, the population is eager to learn English in order to be part of the global economy. Some team members are involved in English-speaking ministries, providing opportunities to bring God’s truth into newly formed relationships. Others minister in the local languages.

We would like to grow one aspect of this outreach with team members who have a passion for and strength in teaching and tutoring. English schools as well as national schools and colleges are looking for teachers. Local seminaries are also often in need of professors, and churches frequently request training and support. The teaching and discipleship opportunities are abundant in this region of the world.

The other aspect of this ministry targets unengaged people groups. We are seeking men, women and families who will creatively intersect with unreached and unwanted peoples in an upwardly mobile urban context. If you are attracted to hanging out at gyms or cafes to build relationships and then holding in-home Bible studies, this may be a suitable opportunity. You will find people in Southeast Asia are curious and eager to learn with fields ranging from open to creative access countries.

Is God calling you to join us?

We’d love to get to know you and discuss how God is calling you.

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