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Disaster, Discipleship, and the Developing World: Cyclone Ampham

What happens when already-vulnerable ministries to the unreached are struck with a deadly cyclone in Kolkata, India?

Disaster, Discipleship, and the Developing World: Smita Singh on Cyclone Ampham

While our eyes were glued to Western news, Cyclone Ampham struck India and Bangladesh with deadly results. When tragedy strikes in affluent North America, we can recover much more quickly—but what happens to ministries in the developing world when natural disaster strikes? This week, Live Global partner Smita Singh returns to the show to discuss the physical and spiritual climate of Kolkata and the surrounding least-reached region.

Smita is Director of Justice Initiatives for JKPS, which launched Mahima Homes to help trafficked girls and boys receive counseling, education and vocational training. You can support the ministries of Smita and other JKPS partners through ABWE’s Live Global ministry.

Listen to our previous conversation with Smita.

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