Equipping the Church to Send

With 7,000 unreached people groups, if just 10% of U.S. evangelical churches sent a missionary, every group could be engaged with the gospel. All that’s left is for churches to SendOne.
Our Vision

At ABWE, we’re drawing from our 92 years of missions experience and giving back to the local church. Explore and share our growing library of resources for church leaders and influencers to mobilize the people you serve. Pray, and then dare someone join you at our 24-Hour DEMO to take a step towards missions.

Without the mission, a church is not a church; it’s just a group of disobedient Christians hanging out.
J.D. Greear, Gaining By Losing
Missions Pocket Reference Guide
A booklet containing essential quotes, statistics, and prayer points relating to the global church and the progress of the Great Commission.
Top Quotes for Your Next Missions Sermon
Consider these 25 crucial statements from missionaries, theologians, pastors, and missiologists, all stirring the body of Christ to reach the lost.
7 Planks for Building a Church Missions Vision
Start with these basics to begin crafting the vision for your missions committee, team, or program.
Guide for the Journey
This 25-page booklet is both a devotional guide and a reference handbook for someone walking through the missionary candidacy and training process.
The Key to Reaching Muslims in North America
Missionaries explain the way to help the church members overcome fear and evangelize Muslims.
The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity.
Mike Stachura
Take the next step
Who is your “one”? Attend our 24-Hour DEMO event for free with the code “DEMOVIP,” and bring someone you know is seriously exploring missions.