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If every church was empowered to send just one missionary, the shape of missions would change. Let us equip your church to send.
Who Is ABWE?
What Is SendOne?

We’re taking ABWE’s nearly-100 years of global missions experience and channeling them into free resources to help your church. Help the people of your local church pray, give, and go. Explore these resources, and dare someone in your church to attend our event and take a step towards mission.

If God’s goal for missions is that every tribe, tongue, and nation would worship him together, what do you think the enemy’s goal is?
Paul Davis, ABWE President
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More Resources
SendOne 7-Day Devotional & Resource Guide
A booklet containing devotions, quotes, stats, and prayer points relating to the global church and the progress of the Great Commission.
7 Planks for Building a Church Missions Vision
Start with these basics to begin crafting the vision for your missions committee, team, or program.
Guide for the Journey
This 25-page booklet is both a devotional guide and a reference handbook for someone walking through the missionary candidacy and training process.
ABWE Church Leader Resources
SendOne is just the beginning. We offer a host of services to churches. Find out more.
The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity.
Mike Stachura
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