24-Hour DEMO

Spring, Summer, and Fall

UPDATE 6/15/20:

At this time, we are planning to conduct the July DEMO event as scheduled, while simultaneously monitoring events related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your trust and patience during this time as we move forward, looking to the Lord in faith.

For more information on ABWE’s crisis response, click here.

Every journey begins with a first step.

If you’re interested in missions, there’s no better way to begin your journey than with our 24-Hour DEMO event.

Over the course of 24 hours, you’ll get to know the people, passions, and ministries of ABWE, while meeting others on their journey, hearing amazing missionary stories, and eating great food.

What to Expect

24-Hour DEMO includes two-nights lodging, several meals and informational resources—a $120-180 value. For a nominal $20 registration fee, we'll secure your spot and you'll pay no additional costs.

You’ll discover why going with a missions agency is so much more effective and rewarding than going alone. Come meet the members of ABWE’s global leadership team, find out how a missions organization works, learn about our opportunities all over the world, and receive the guidance for the next step of your journey.

Whether you're just starting to get curious about missions or you've already embraced your call to the nations, 24-Hour DEMO is a great way to start your journey. We encourage you to bring your pastor along to learn about ABWE’s missions opportunities together.

At 24-Hour DEMO, we’ll help you:

  • Discover who we are
  • Engage with others
  • Meet our global leadership team
  • Open up the possibilities

Is this the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for?