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What Is the Mission of the Church? Watch the Missions Podcast Live at #RMC22

Kevin DeYoung, Ian Hamilton and others sit down with ABWE’s podcast during the Radius Missiology Conference.

Kevin DeYoung on the Mission of the Church

What isn’t the church’s mission? Alex and Scott talk to pastor, author, and theologian Kevin DeYoung.

Brooks Buser on Leaving Well

When is a missionary’s job “done”? Brooks Buser shares what it was like to leave the YembiYembi people after years of challenging, fruitful ministry.

Ian Hamilton on the Missionary Life as Abiding in Christ

Jesus’ ministry provides the blueprint for how missionaries can survive spiritually dry reasons. Ian Hamilton explains why.

Brad Buser on Missionary Endurance

Too many missionaries tap out early on the field. How can we stop it? Brad Buser, founder of Radius, shares his wisdom from years on the field.

What You Might Not Know About Missions in Asia: Wayne Chen

What is the state of the church in Asia? And what makes Asian missions so unique? We talk to Wayne Chen, director of Radius Asia.

Growing in Grace as a Missionary With Jonathan Master

What does it mean for a Christian on mission to “grow in grace”? Dr. Jonathan Master explains.

Steve Meister on the Connection Between Theology and Bible Translation

What does classical Christian doctrine have to do with how we translate the Bible? Pastor Steve Meister explains.

Conclusion: The Final Word

Scott and Alex share their favorite insights and takeaways from the conference.

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