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What Is the Greatest Injustice? Chad Vegas Answers

In this throwback podcast episode, Chad Vegas explains that gospel privilege is the greatest privilege of all.

Throwback: The Greatest Injustice With Chad Vegas

In 2020, it’s impossible to escape the topic of privilege. This week, we dive into the archives and bring back our May 2019 interview with Chad Vegas, founding board member of Radius International and lead pastor of Sovereign Grace Church, and our discussion of “gospel privilege.” Perhaps it has never been more timely.

Chad is the founding pastor of Sovereign Grace Church. After completing his MA in Theology at Talbot, and being the high school pastor at RiverLakes Community Church, Chad was called to plant a church in Bakersfield. His passion is to know Christ and to make him known. He has been married to Teresa since 1994, and they have two children.

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