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Why Aren’t We Talking About ‘Gospel Privilege’?

In our quest for justice, have we forgotten about the issue of gospel access? Chad Vegas, pastor and founder of Radius International, answers.

Why Aren’t We Talking About ‘Gospel Privilege’? Chad Vegas Answers

The social justice controversy echoing across conservative evangelicalism has brought terms like “privilege” into the Christian vernacular, but in all the discussion of rights, equity, and cultural engagement, we’ve missed a critical category: gospel privilege. Chad Vegas, founding board member of Radius International and lead pastor of Sovereign Grace Church, joins the show this week to discuss privilege, the reality of eternity, and how pastors can keep their congregations aware of global spiritual need.

Later in the conversation, we address the critical need for biblical and theological training among missionaries and why seminaries and pulpits can’t afford to stay divorced from the missiological community.

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