Compassion Ministries

If we've learned one universal thing from our work in 70 countries, it's that love in action opens doors for the gospel.

For nearly 20 years, our Compassion Ministries have been ready to help our missionaries provide food, medical supplies, and building materials to victims of naturals disasters. And because this relief is combined with intentional evangelism and discipleship, victims' despair can be turned into true hope.

We estimate hundreds of active churches have been planted through relief efforts combined with the hope of the gospel.

Will You Help?

From unprecedented typhoons to devastating earthquakes, natural disasters cause incalculable suffering and hardship - especially when these events take place in impoverished communities that lack adequate resources.

Additionally, localized tragedies in hard-to-reach communities don't always receive the same international attention and support that catastrophes in easy-to-access places get.

By giving to Compassion Ministries, you're enabling our missionaries to be ready to respond to any opportunity. Whether it's supplying resources to smaller efforts where fundraising isn't practical, or advancing funds quickly in response to a major disaster, your gift helps make a difference in lives after a tragedy — and for eternity.

Give now to help victims of natural disasters.