Find Your Track

Whether you're in school, looking to explore missions, or ready to serve for the long-term, we can help you get to the mission field for any length of time.

ABWE also offers opportunities for churches, youth groups, medical personnel/groups, and construction teams wanting to participate in short-term missions.

Long-Term Track

“I know I want to be a career missionary.
3+ Years

Long-term missionaries are the heart of ABWE. They are responsible for thousands of people coming to Christ and hundred of churches being planted around the world. While change can be slow, we have seen that those who give God their time often get the blessing of seeing the seeds they've planted bear fruit. We are excited to help you discover how God can use you and your unique skills on the mission field.

Short-Term Track

“I want to see if missions is right for me.
2 Months to 2 Years

We know that life is often uncertain and not everyone is able to make a long-term commitment, which is why we created our adult short-term program. It is designed for those who want to explore or confirm God’s call into missions. Through this program, you will join one of our long-term field teams to experience what being a missionary is all about and learn how God can use you to bless people around the world.

Student Track

“I want to explore missions while I am in school.
2 Weeks to 6 Months

If you’re considering missions after you graduate, we want to meet you. We work to hard to provide students with information, guidance, and opportunities to connect your passion and skills with ministry. This includes internships where you get to come alongside an experienced long-term missionary teams to get a true sense of what it’s like to be a valuable part of full-time mission, and student mission trips that give you a first-hand introduction to missions in a cross-cultural setting. Whether it’s on a foreign field or in our hometown, we want to help equip you for a future in missions.

Volunteer Track

"I want to volunteer and help wherever I can."
1 week - 2 months

Volunteers come alongside our missionaries locally and around the globe to help with building projects, community service and disaster relief, media production, and more. Whether you can just come for a day to help us replace a roof, or you're ready to spend a month overseas helping construct a new school building, we welcome your help and your willingness to serve.