Ministry Development Leaders

The ministry development leader in Trinidad & Tobago will work closely with ABWE missionaries and national partners to create and lead activities that encourage discussions about faith.

Children's Ministries

In Trinidad and Tobago, there is a tremendous need for a children’s ministry leader to bring the message of Jesus to the youngest members of the community.

Church Planters

Our team in Trinidad and Tobago needs a church planter to develop meaningful relationships throughout the community.

School Coordinator

Our team at The Village of Light school for the blind needs an experienced and committed school coordinator with good business and communication skills.

English Teachers

We are seeking a qualified, missions-focused instructor to teach English effectively and develop important community relationships at our Togolese Christian Middle School.

ESL Teachers

Our ABWE team in northeast Thailand desperately needs missionaries to teach English as a Second Language.
Ministry Focus

Literacy Teachers

Our St. Lucia team needs a qualified, experienced English teacher to work with nationals who struggle with literacy.
Ministry Focus

Ministry Fundraisers

We need a ministry fundraiser to help us further develop integral ministries and programs.

Youth Sports Leaders

If you have a passion for sports, a gift for working with kids and the energy to succeed in missions, ABWE has a place for you on our St. Lucia team.

Music Teachers

Our St. Lucia team needs a music teacher to teach music and musical instruments as a means for expanding our ministry outreach and community impact.

Marketing and Communication Specialists

ABWE needs a ministry marketer who can help the team create and promote church events and ministry programs throughout St. Lucia.

Sunday School Resource Writers

ABWE in St. Lucia desperately needs a Sunday School resource writer who can create culturally relevant reading materials for kids of all ages.