Short-Term Christian School Teacher

5-10 months
Dates needed
August-May; August-December; or January-May
The Position

Through this unique internship, you will be mentored by and serve alongside ABWE missionaries in Europe. You will have the opportunity to teach at the Evangelical Christian School Academy in Madrid, Spain.​

The Need

While Spain has been an outwardly religious country for centuries and many Spaniards know of Jesus, few know Him intimately. Less than 1 percent of the population in Spain claim to be evangelicals, and it has less evangelical Christians than some Muslim countries.

Since 1970, ABWE has been planting churches in Spain. While our missionaries are actively involved in some public ministries, the most effective approach seems to be “living-room evangelism” — using loving, persistent, person-to-person confrontation with the Word of God. Our desire is for Spaniards to meet Jesus in a personal way — so that they might find new life in Him.

The Impact

The foundation of faith is understanding, and the foundation of understanding is education. As a teacher missionary, you have the unique opportunity to use their classroom as place of ministry. Along with teaching about grammar and algebra, they are able to disciple their students and point them to the ultimate teacher: Jesus. The world needs more teachers like you because we firmly believe a biblically-based education is integral in raising up strong followers of Christ.

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