OB/GYN Doctor or Midwife

The Position

Serving as an OBGYN at ABWE's Memorial Christian Hospital in South Asia would include:

  • Providing infertility consultations and treatments
  • Providing pre-natal, ante-partum, and post-partum care
  • Performing gynecological surgical procedures, both open and laparoscopic
  • Providing in-service education to national nurses, midwives, medics, and OR techs
  • Building relationships with patients and their families for the purpose of sharing needed hope and truth

To support you, we have an experienced team of family practice doctors, general surgeons, midwives, and operating room staff on site.

The Need

Our village neighbors plead regularly with us to find a way to care for more obstetric patients at our hospital, and we have seen how providing OB services builds trust in the community. A mother who delivers her baby safely at Memorial Christian Hospital will be quick to recommend our hospital’s services to her cousin who needs a hernia operation. Obstetrics is great for our reputation, and a great reputation here means more opportunities to share the gospel.

The country where we are located has a population of 165 million. Most are Muslim, but there are a significant number of Hindu and Buddhist minorities. However, less than half a percent even call themselves Christians. For those who long to reach the unreached, it would be hard to find a more strategic location. People are eager for friendship, open to discussing spiritual things, and desperately in need of hope for the future. God has miraculously kept the doors to this Muslim-majority country open. Access is limited, but development programs, businesses, and personal relationships to give us unlimited opportunities to share the gospel and strengthen our national partners’ outreach. Memorial Christian Hospital provides a meaningful way to show grace and share truth.

The Impact

Memorial Christian Hospital plays an important role in reaching our area. Offering compassionate, excellent medical care in Christ’s name creates an openness to the good news. Both expat and national staff have many opportunities to share truth with patients and family members. Treating patients also strengthens the outreach of local believers.

Our hospital is a hub for many other strategic ministries and provides an umbrella of credibility for each one. A Christian elementary school, Bible college, a health-science college, a tribal outreach project, a handicraft project, a literacy program, and several translation projects draw in hundreds of participants and are all located on our hospital's campus. Two health clinics and four new church-plants reach out with Christ’s love and are within driving distance of the campus.

We’d love to talk to you about this opportunity.

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