Music Teachers

The Position

Our St. Lucia team needs a music teacher to teach music and musical instruments as a means of growing our communities of faith. Much has been accomplished through ABWE’s St. Lucia ministry over nine years, yet there are still ways we can reach those who have never heard the good news of the gospel. Bring your musical expertise to St. Lucia, a country whose people value music but need further spiritual development to gain eternal life.

As a music teacher, you will:

  • Bring experience as a music teacher to work for ABWE, where you will instruct the students in culturally accessible ways that build trust and relationships
  • Use music as a way to build real friendships, and encourage deep discussions about faith, God and grace
  • Assist church leaders with creating a musical program for worship services that complements the lessons of the week
  • Be able to work with limited resources and still provide a valuable program to St. Lucia’s people
  • Share your testimony, have a heart for missions work and the ability to pitch in when asked
The Need

About 90 percent of people living in St. Lucia claim to be Christian. About two thirds of these Christians are Roman Catholic and one third are Protestant. Baptists make up only 2.2 percent of the population. St. Lucia claims religious freedom for all, but many of the island's 160,000 inhabitants are unsaved.

ABWE is dedicated to sharing the Gospel in St. Lucia. We are excited about the opportunities available here, but we need assistance in making these opportunities realities. With additional missionaries we can grow God’s kingdom, make churches more accessible, reinforce strong leadership, and continue to provide guidance to those who are spiritually hungry. The harvest in St. Lucia is abundant, but the laborers are few.

The Impact

What would a church service be without music and voices raised in worship? As Music Teacher, you’ll build enthusiasm for worship as you welcome new believers. You’ll also teach interested members about voice or their instrument of choice, and help them engage in worship services. If you feel the Lord calling you to use your musical talent to serve others, we have a place for you in St. Lucia.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, ABWE has canceled most international travel originating from the U.S. until the State Department drops the Global Health Advisory to a Level 2 or lower. However, please email our Mobilization team at go@abwe.org to discuss service opportunities and exceptions. We would love to talk with you!​

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