Evangelism Teammates

The Position

As an evangelism teammate, you’ll share the good news of the gospel and inspire open hearts with your personal testimony. Poland desperately needs a missionary with a deep knowledge of Scripture, a genuine love for people and the desire to succeed.

As an evangelism teammate, you will:

  • Build relationships in the community that will lead to meaningful discussions about the differences between the evangelical church and the Catholic church, and the attitudes of grace versus good works
  • Work alongside national believers and church plants as you set a good example for the community
  • Share your personal testimony and explain why having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the only path to salvation
  • Share the gospel, demonstrating your deep knowledge and understanding of Scripture
  • Assist existing church members and your ABWE teammates with community outreach
The Need

Evangelical Missions Quarterly reports that as of April 2004, Poland has the greatest need for church planting missionaries. With fewer than 170 missionaries to reach a population of nearly 39 million people, there is only one missionary for every 1 million residents. Of Poland’s 2,500 counties, 2,219 have no evangelical presence of any kind. ABWE works with two church plants in northern Poland. A Polish pastor noted, “We just do not have enough believers to do the work that needs to be done here.” In Poland, the opportunity to make a significant spiritual impact is great. If you believe God has given you the gift of evangelism, consider serving in Poland.

The Impact

Use your skills to help fulfill the Great Commission. As Christians, Jesus has called us to go and make disciples of all nations, and we believe that process isn’t completed until these disciples are gathered into a local community of believers: a church. Church planting is the heartbeat of evangelism, and it’s at the core of who we are at ABWE. It’s hard work, but for those called to the challenge, there is no greater reward on earth than watching a community of believers grow in their faith, and begin to understand their own role in the Great Commission.

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