1-2 years
Dates needed
The Position
We need MK teachers to partner with missionary families in Southern Togo for a 1-2 year commitment. We are looking for MK teachers who will train their students to follow Christ by example and instruction, and to prepare them for a spirit-filled adult life. In addition to discipling and sharing the gospel with your MK students, you will be responsible for:
  • Working with parents to arrange curriculum
  • Writing lesson plans
  • Creating learning activities
  • Assisting struggling students
  • Partnering with missionaries in other evangelism and discipleship ministries
The Need

Togo is located within the “10/40 Window,” which stretches from West Africa, North Africa, and the Middle East to East Asia—a geographic area characterized by poor quality-of-life, the fast growth of Islam, and little access to the gospel. We are looking for talented educators to join a team of missionaries who are involved in a variety of ministries including medical evangelism, a school for the visually impaired, pastoral training, aviation ministries, Christian education, and so much more.

The Impact

The ABWE Togo team has been spreading the gospel and making disciples in Togo since 1974. We’ve seen many lives changed by God’s word and the Holy Spirit. Please consider strengthening our team by joining with us in pursuit of the ministry that God has provided for us in Togo.

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