Church Planters

The Position

If the gospel compels you to share Jesus’ message of love, faith and forgiveness, consider joining ABWE in Costa Rica. Our Costa Rican team needs church planters to inspire rural residents to build communities defined by a personal relationship with Jesus.

As a church planter, you will:

  • Encourage rural Costa Ricans to develop a personal relationship with the Lord and inspire them to share that good news with others
  • Bring passion and energy to the evangelization process and lead an authentically Christian lifestyle
  • Answer questions and promote the gospel among nonbelievers as you welcome them into new church communities
  • Train and model outreach efforts for existing church leaders who need guidance
  • Identify potential servant-leaders in the Costa Rican community
The Need

ABWE believes Costa Rica is the ideal launching pad to spread the Word of God throughout the Central American region. There is already a committed group of Christians ministering in Costa Rica, but the possibilities are endless, and the work to be done is beyond the scope of the team in place.

Costa Rican communities need passionate, disciplined, and mature spiritual leaders who want to build relationships, share the gospel, make disciples, and teach the lessons of the Bible.

The Impact

Use your skills to help fulfill the Great Commission. As Christians, Jesus has called us to go and make disciples of all nations, and we believe that process isn’t completed until these disciples are gathered into a local community of believers: a church. Church planting is the heartbeat of evangelism, and it’s at the core of who we are at ABWE. It’s hard work, but for those called to the challenge, there is no greater reward on earth than watching a community of believers grow in their faith, and begin to understand their own role in the Great Commission.

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