Ministry Focus

Church Planting

Jesus called us to go and make disciples of all nations. At ABWE, we believe that process isn’t complete until these disciples are gathered into a local community of believers: a church.

Church planting is the heartbeat of evangelism, and it’s at the core of who we are at ABWE. Since the day our first missionary, Dr. Raphael Thomas, arrived in the Philippines, virtually every ministry we undertake is geared toward creating new believers, discipling them, and helping them worship God together as a church — and eventually send their own missionaries throughout the world. It's this same investment that helps our missionaries bring much-needed restoration to communities where once-strong churches are on the verge of collapse.

Use Your Passion for Church Planting on the Mission Field

It's hard work, but for those called to the challenge, there is no greater reward on earth than watching a the church you've helped to plant grow in its love for Jesus.

If you are bold in your love, tireless in your patience, and have a passion for living out your faith, then we want you on our church planting teams. To help plant and restore churches, our missionaries engage in an wide variety of ministries, including:

  • Bible studies
  • Business ministries
  • Church restoration
  • College ministries
  • Coffeehouse ministries
  • Hospitals
  • Music ministries
  • Sports ministries
  • Women’s clinics
  • Youth camps

If you are passionate about starting new churches or restoring struggling churches, we want to talk to you.

Is God calling you to use your skills on the mission field?

Opportunities with this Focus

Student Internship

Restored Church in Wilkes Barre, PA is actively engaged in evangelism, discipleship, and community outreach to launch a Gospel-centered church-planting movement among some of the most difficult populations to reach in Northeast Pennsylvania. As a Student Intern, you will obtain invaluable ministry experience in the setting of a local church.
3 Months

Student Internship

In this internship designed for nursing and pre-med students, the student will have the opportunity to shadow and serve alongside missionary nurses and doctors at Memorial Christian Hospital. This internship not only promotes professional development for those entering the medical field, but also provides a window into how healthcare can be used to promote the spread of the Gospel message.
3 Months

Student Internship

Join our missionary team in the "Rainbow Nation" to learn from them, engage in ministry alongside them, and experience the culture of and needs in South Africa as you get an authentic taste of missionary life.
3 Months