The Spiritual Need

Portugal is a beautiful land with a rich history. Its people are friendly and in need of the gospel. The Portuguese Evangelical Alliance estimates that only 0.4% of the population identifies as evangelical Christian. Years of Roman Catholic domination, plus waves of cults and the lure of materialism have taken their toll. The average Portuguese person has a whole in his heart, yet seems inoculated against the message of Christ. What he/she needs is to see Christ lived out in another person.

ABWE in Portugal

In this context, ABWE Portugal has planted and graduated seven churches in the past 20+ years, built the Lisbon Training Center, the Greater Lisbon Christian Academy and established a deaf ministry. ABWE missionaries continue to operate the school, plant churches and more. Working as an ABWE missionary, you’ll be part of team, partnered with at least one other worker to advance the Kingdom in your chosen context and community.

Is God calling you to come help us?

We’d love to get to know you and discuss how God is calling you.

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