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Considering missionary work in Papua New Guinea? We offer short-term and long-term missions opportunities in Papua New Guinea for those with a heart for cross-cultural ministry! These unique opportunities will utilize your gifts and talents to proclaim Christ in Papua New Guinea. In addition, our internship programs offer hands-on experience in cross-cultural ministry, giving you the chance to fuel your passion for missions and make an eternal difference in lives. Join us today, and become part of something bigger.


Christianity came to Papua New Guinea via missionaries in the 19th century. Many Christian converts spread the Word throughout the coastal areas and the highlands. Today, the majority of the country practices a denomination of Christianity. Older generations tend to be more devout and strict regarding their religious practices, while younger generations typically approach religion in a more relaxed manner, including their devotional practices.

The challenge that most believers face lies in the lack of a national church, and the cultural mixing of traditional indigenous beliefs with Christianity. Since many Christians don’t attend church regularly, much of the biblical message is spread through word -of -mouth. Despite these setbacks, Christianity’s popularity continues to grow in Papua New Guinea.


Papua New Guinea’s unique spiritual environment mostly follows Christianity. The largest denominations include the Roman Catholic Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church. A significant number of people still practice traditional religions. These beliefs, often fused with Christian beliefs, create a syncretic (combined) faith that takes elements from both traditions. Today, Papua New Guinea’s vibrant and diverse religious community needs help learning to discern sound doctrine and practice. Gaining Jesus doesn’t mean losing cultural ties and identities.


Papua New Guinea houses a wide variety of cultures, languages, ​​and religions. As one of the most isolated countries in the world, it suffers from poor infrastructure and difficult terrain. Despite these challenges, nine million citizens make their home in Papua New Guinea andto experience the beautiful country’s rich history and way of life.

Papua New Guineans live in small villages and make a living by fishing, hunting, and gathering. They are also skilled craftsmen, making beautiful baskets, sculptures, and pottery. The majority of the population practices at least one form of Christianity. Papua New Guineans share a passion for life and a love for religion, family, and community.


  • Pray for an end to magic-related tribal warfare, vengeful killings, and violence.

  • Please pray for the continued work of Bible translation in Papua New Guinea and throughout the Pacific region.

  • Pray for the unity of the Spirit in isolated and diverse church communities.

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