The Spiritual Need in Norway

Known for its fjords and snowcapped mountains, Norway’s landscape is one of breathtaking northern beauty and equally cold secularism. The greatest spiritual challenges in Norway are postmodernism, materialism, religious indifference, relativism, and nominal church membership among the country’s population of about five million people, forming a difficult field of service.

Theological liberalism and the charismatic movement have greatly impacted the church in Norway since the 1960s. Secularism has thrived with the decrease in sound Bible teaching and gospel preaching. While 70% of the population are nominal members of the Lutheran Church—which was removed as the state religion in 2012—53% of Norwegians answered “no” when asked if they believed in God, according to a 2018 European Values study.

Norway’s oil industry and stable economy attract and connect people from all around the world. It is at a crossroad for spreading the gospel to many communities across the Scandinavian region. Today, God is raising up a new generation of faithful believers who are hungry for the word and passionate about the gospel.

Christian Missions To Norway

ABWE is making a difference in Norway through sound Bible teaching that changes lives. Our goal is to come alongside Norwegian couples and singles who are planting churches in the Oslo, Drammen, and Stavanger areas, and to help existing churches and Bible studies from Lillehammer to Trondheim.

Partnerships with national groups are leading to opportunities in campus evangelism, youth ministry, and the strengthening of struggling congregations. We are also ministering to young men who are studying theology and preparing for ministry.

While not necessary, a master’s degree in theology or ministry aids in credibility in Norway, and incorporating an intellectual approach to ministry can be useful for those who serve there. We need spiritually mature people to assist nationals in church planting, mentoring, family counseling, facilitating evangelism, campus outreach, and youth ministry. Is God leading you to come alongside the next generation of passionate believers in Norway?

We’d love to get to know you and discuss how God is calling you.

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