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Considering missionary work in Japan? We offer short-term and long-term missions opportunities in Japan for those with a heart for cross-cultural ministry! These unique opportunities will utilize your gifts and talents to proclaim Christ in Japan. In addition, our internship programs offers hands-on experience in cross-cultural ministry, giving you the chance to fuel your passion for missions and make an eternal difference in lives. Join us today, and become part of something bigger.


Japan’s rich history and culture extend back to 660 BC. For centuries, the Japanese people devoted their spiritual practices to Shintoism. This traditional religion thinks of humans as fundamentally good, and sees evil desires and actions as the work of spirits. Therefore, much of their tradition aims to purify locations and individuals from evil spirits by praying and making offerings to the kami, which are Shinto gods.

However, in recent years, Japanese interest in Christianity has grown. Many people seek out Christianity because of its message of hope and peace. Currently about one million Christians reside in Japan, a small minority compared to the overall population of the country. However, the number of Christians is steadily increasing, and estimates predict that there will be 2.5 million Christians in Japan by 2025.


The Japanese people are some of the most fascinating and enigmatic people in the world. As the second-largest unreached people group, they have their own unique culture and way of life. While Shintoism and Buddhism are major religions, materialism, ancestor worship, and group conformity also play roles in Japanese culture. Whether worshiping in the cultural tradition of Shintoism where nature, numerous gods, and ancestors are worshiped, or adhering to the emperor worship of Buddhism's Mahayana tradition, the Japanese people need the gospel.

Many Japanese people view Christianity as a good, but irrelevant, foreign religion. Christian missionaries play an important role in reaching out to the Japanese people. By sharing the gospel with them in a culturally relevant and experiential way, we can help them see that Christianity is not just a foreign religion, but a living faith that can transform their lives.


Japan needs missionaries willing to go and share the gospel message with its people. We often forget that a modern, technologically advanced, well-educated society can be steeped in spiritual darkness, living day after day without hope. Japan, a nation full of lost people just like us, deserves to hear about Jesus Christ, his love for them, and his offer of forgiveness and eternal life.


Japan provides missionaries with many opportunities to evangelize and make a difference. With its excellent public transportation and urban biking, Japan makes it easy to get around and connect with people. The beautiful seashores, forests, and mountains also attract people from around the world. Japanese people are generally very polite and helpful, and they're used to seeing foreigners in their country. Many opportunities to share the gospel arise with people who have never heard it before. And, as you learn the Japanese language, you'll be able to connect with people on a deeper level and share the good news of Jesus Christ with them!

japanese culture and christianity


When Japan began to open its doors to foreigners, many Christian missionaries found their calling. These missionaries played an important role in Japan's modernization process. They brought new ideas about democracy and education, and they also helped to develop industry and infrastructure. In addition, they introduced Western medicine and technology, which helped to improve the quality of life for many Japanese people.

As Japan continued to modernize, it became increasingly influenced by Christian values and traditions. While Christianity still remains a minor religion in Japan, its impact on Japanese society cannot be denied. The country has become more open, and its people have benefited from the advances in education, healthcare, and technology that were introduced by early Christian missionaries.


Japan faces many challenges. One of the most serious problems stems from the sense of hopelessness that pervades all age groups in society. Many people feel helpless and have no sense of purpose. Much of this stems from Japanese people feeling the need to cover up their feelings and smile through the pain. Despite how it looks outside, many struggle with cultural, religious, and familial issues and mask to cover it up. The solution to this hopelessness can only be found in our Creator. Pray that God would comfort the hopeless and give them a true sense of purpose. Japan needs prayer!

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the gospel to take root in Japanese culture and no longer be perceived as a Western religion.
  • Pray for drifting, overworked, and anxious youth to find freedom in Christ.
  • Pray for the unity of God's Spirit to demolish barriers dividing the 120 different Christian denominations.

There is nothing more thrilling than to be the first person ever to share with someone the message of the Bible. . . to take them from square one and build on that.” — Susan Smith, ABWE Missionary

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