The Spiritual Need in Eurasia

A massive void exists in the largest nation on earth. Eurasia has nearly 144 million people living throughout 6.6-million miles, and yet, an emptiness pervades the land. State-sanctioned Atheism from the days of Communism has left many Eurasian people devoid of meaning and purpose in their lives. Materialism, substance abuse, and selfishness are commonly looked to as a refuge from this void, but they all end in depression, addiction, and hopelessness.

Eurasia's long and turbulent history towards Christianity also equates to a lack of trained spiritual leadership for new churches.

ABWE in Eurasia

Despite massive challenges, the gospel is taking root in communities all over Eurasia. Working alongside our Eurasian teammates, ABWE is attacking this problem through creative, local, church-based ministries and innovative outreach approaches, including camping and rafting trips. Our drug-and-alcohol recovery ministry, nearly fully funded by a local Eurasian church, has seen amazing success as it provides housing for up to eight men and continuously exposes them to God’s word as they work through the recovery process. God has also blessed our church planting movements with two new church plant sites.

Additionally, the Church Ministries Institute has enabled scores of local churches to train and educate their leaders and members. It is a model of quality theological education in the local church context.

To continue this momentum, we need additional missionaries who have a passion for mentoring church leaders, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and exploring creative ways to meet the needs of the people who are lost.

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