The Spiritual Need in Colombia

Seated atop of the South American continent, bordering on Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru, and offering access to both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Colombia boasts a culture as vibrant as its landscapes—especially for lovers of coffee and music. Colombia has an estimated population of 50 million, with four cities having more than one million residents.

These large cities offer an exciting environment in need of evangelism, church planting, and theological education. While 94% of Colombians have a Christian religious background, only 10% identify with evangelical faith. Sixty of the 96 people groups represented in Columbia today are considered unreached, and the missionaries who will be most effective at reaching these groups are Colombian believers themselves.

Gospel advancement has reached a turning point in Colombia. Many Colombians are beginning to see the joy and responsibility of participating in the Great Commission. This does not mean that missionaries from North America are no longer needed, but rather that a very specific type of missionary is needed. There is a window of opportunity for partnering with, encouraging, equipping, and training local leaders to spread God’s word throughout the country and, ultimately, into the rest of the world.

Colombia’s large cities provide the perfect training ground for equipping and mobilizing Colombians to follow Christ and take the gospel to the areas of greatest need right in their backyard.

Christian Missions To Colombia

ABWE first began missionary work Colombia in the late 1930s. By God’s grace, we have seen multiple fruitful church-planting efforts take shape and have established ministries in Bogota, Tenjo, Medellín, and Santa Marta. New missionaries benefit from deep relationships developed through years of faithful service by former ABWE missionaries, as well as an established camp, pastors’ fellowship, and seminary. This strong foundation affords newcomers the opportunity to focus on extending our ministry to unreached groups.

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