The Spiritual Need in Chile

Chile is one of the most democratic and economically advanced countries in South America. Stretching along South America's western edge, this nation sports a massive Pacific coastline and a capital city surrounded by the breathtaking Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains.

But even in this scenic setting, the spiritual climate of Chile remains troubled. Poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, and homelessness create an atmosphere of confusion and spiritual decay throughout Chilean culture. Many children lack role models for positive spiritual growth.

An estimated 68% of Chile’s population of 18 million identify as Roman Catholic, and 23% as evangelical believers, with Catholic and Protestant churches having had strong historical influence in the country. Yet even though religious freedom thrives in Chile, the role of religion in Chilean culture is decreasing, and the country has the second highest rate of non-religiously affiliated people in Latin America.

Seeing the need for vibrant, relational evangelism, local church leaders welcome missionaries with open arms. National believers are eager to work side-by-side with missionaries to find new ways to serve and spread the gospel. Chile has become a launching pad for missionaries into unreached areas and even across borders into other countries in the Americas.

Share The Gospel In Chile

ABWE began missionary work in Chile in the 1950s. Originally established in the capital of Santiago, our church-planting efforts have spread into other cities such as Puerto Varas and Iquique. Our primary goals are to partner with Chilean leaders who are committed to making disciples and planting churches, provide the young people of Chile with spiritual guidance, and reach marginalized groups who are often overlooked.

Established ABWE ministries like Baptist Bible Seminary and Santiago Christian Academy, a school for missionary kids, have had success in spiritual mentoring and multiplication of ministries and believers. Missionaries are also reaching and counseling groups that need special support, such as the hearing impaired and single mothers, helping build healthier church ministries that minister to everyone in their reach.

The groundwork has been laid and the opportunity is great. We need more people to join us to share the gospel in Chile and beyond!

We’d love to get to know you and discuss how God is calling you.

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