The Unhappiest Place on Earth

Recently, the United Nations released the results of a study they conducted to determine the happiest countries in the world. Among the happiest were Canada and Scandinavian countries. The United States came in 17th. But what country ranked the absolute last in their report? A small, impoverished country in West Africa, called Togo.

Of the 156 countries studied, Togo was the unhappiest place to live in the world. It’s not surprising with only four doctors for every 100,000 people, which results in poor healthcare, highly infectious diseases, high fetal-infant and maternal death rates, and shorter life expectancies. These factors, coupled with poverty and hunger, help explain why happiness and hope feel foreign to the people of Togo.

Thankfully, we know there is hope, and ABWE has been sharing it in Togo for the last 40 years.