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Personal Security Training

This active and interactive course is designed to equip workers to understand the security risk of living overseas and ensure safety on the mission field.
ABWE Missionaries
Summer, Fall, Winter
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How to Share Your Faith with Muslims

Use our free faith-sharing guide to share the hope you've found in Jesus with your Muslim neighbors.
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How to Prepare for Your Next Overseas Mission Trip: Student’s Guide

Mission trips tend to bring out the best and worst in us because of the new feelings and experiences we have the opportunity to navigate, but it’s the spiritual growth and redemptive relationships we build that make each trip so gratifying. If you’re preparing for your first student track mission trip, we hope you’ll find our preparation tips most helpful!
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Guide for the Journey - Downloadable Booklet

Our Guide for the Journey resource helps you pray, process, and plan through your next steps in becoming a short-term or career missionary with ABWE.
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Nowhere to Call Home: Serving the Rohingya

Nearly 1 million Rohingya could flee by year's end, creating a desperate need for medical care and medical workers.
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Message from the Presidential Search Committee

October 16, 2017
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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Short-Term Missions

Christian mission trips have always been an incredible opportunity for people who are interested in spreading the gospel beyond their community and exploring ways you can use your gifts and talents in an international missions context.
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Why Every College Student Should Take a Missions Trip

College can be overwhelming. You have classes, a job, a social life and maybe even other clubs, sports teams or music groups that you’re involved with. But everything you’re working toward is ultimately in hopes of making an eternal impact in the world. How do you do it all? Why not dedicate your summer or an entire semester serving others and exploring cross-cultural missions through a ministry-based internship specifically designed for college students?
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