Personal Security Training

ABWE Missionaries

This active and interactive course is designed to equip workers to understand the security risk of living overseas and ensure safety on the mission field. This course incorporates both classroom learning and indoor/outdoor training and role-play sessions while covering a host of pertinent topics facing WCEs (Western Christian Expatriates) working in both open and restricted access areas including:

  • Laying the Foundation: Developing a theology of risk and Living Personal Security in the Context of Ministry
  • Defining Safe: Security best practices for higher-risk environments
  • What’s In A Question? Crafting an appropriate response to questions, queries, and demands for information (and how to know the difference…)
  • Getting In and Staying In: Building legal, social, and moral credibility via legal status
  • Online Know-how: Cyber security and social media safety and security
  • Abating Violence: Recognizing criminal and terrorist behaviors via body language and threat recognition
  • From Run, Hide, Fight to MDACC: Surviving an active Shooters and violent encounters
  • Surviving the Worst: A WCE’s guide to government detainment and hostage taking
  • Situational Awareness and the WCE: Understanding hostile Observation, surveillance, and how to detect both
  • Drive to Survive: A primer and course on vehicle safety and security
  • And much, much more!