Meet Our Trainers

Meet Our Trainers

Dave Hamrick — Missionary Development

As a missionary first to South Africa and then to Cameroon, Dave had a wealth of cross-cultural church planting expertise when he joined our training division in 2013. Dave uses that expertise to teach all of our leadership development seminars at the ABWE International Headquarters and internationally.

Gil Thomas — Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship Director

After serving as a missionary and team leader for more than 20 years in Portugal, Gil brings valuable leadership and team building experience to our training division. In addition to teaching our Good Soil and leadership development seminars, Gil equips missionaries to teach the Bible effectively and chronologically..

If we value excellence, we must value training.

Jim Cook — Next Generation Ministries

Jim, formerly a longtime pastor in Indiana with a passion for youth and missions, serves as the head of ABWE’s Next Generation children’s ministry, where he equips children’s ministry leaders, supports missionary kids, and works with children in crisis. Jim trains ABWE missionary kids through our STAMP program and also teaches several Good Soil seminars.

Jeff Raymond — Director of Visual Communications

Jeff, an accomplished photographer, has devoted his life to showing how God is working through ABWE missionaries around the world. As our director of visual communications, Jeff works tirelessly to recruit and train more visual storytellers to help our missionaries share their stories and ministries through photography and video.

Doug Martin — Vice President of Strategic Initiatives Development

Doug Martin joined ABWE in 1994. Doug served as the first Country Coordinator for Romania until 2004, when he accepted the role of Regional Coordinator for Eastern Europe and the Martins relocated to Budapest, Hungary.

In 2010, Doug became the Executive Director for North America, now known as EveryEthne—a ministry focusing on equipping the North American church to cross cultures without crossing borders by reaching their own communities. In 2021, Doug transitioned to his current role.

Brad Winkler — Director of Prefield Ministries

As a pastor for 17 years, Brad helped members of his congregation discover their call to missions and now, as ABWE’s Director of Prefield Ministries, he is doing the same thing on a broader scale. In addition to training our missionaries in fundraising and building prayer partners, Brad also coaches churches through the process of sending and sustaining their missionaries on the mission field.

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