A guide to the Journey - find your track

Guide to Pursuing Missions

Our step-by-step guide for getting you trained, funded, supported, and to your mission field

Select your pathway

For those sent by their church to engage in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting on a team long-term.

For those who want an apprenticeship experience to complete a limited duration assignment as they discern their long-term direction.

For those serving long-term or mid-term who are self-funded—including tentmakers, individuals involved in business as missions, retirees, and more.

For those who want to meet a temporary need on the field team or explore their fit for missions.

For students and graduates who want to gain ministry experience and be mentored by veteran missionaries on a field team.

For individuals, teams, or churches who want to serve with a special event, outreach, project, or need facing a field team or missionary. Applications are facilitated through ClearTravel.