Why Go?

Around the world, people are searching for hope.
But many haven't heard about Jesus.
They need you to tell them.


The Bible tells us:

"How will they be saved unless they believe, how will they believe unless they hear, how will they hear unless someone tells them, how will someone tell them unless someone is sent?"

Romans 10:13-15

God sent his only Son into our dark and sinful world to seek and save what was lost. Jesus saved us, and now, we are called to be ambassadors of God’s redemption — going into hard, dark places to bring His Good News.

Why Go with ABWE?

With 90 years of experience sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with people in more than 70 countries around the world, ABWE remains rooted in conservative, baptistic theology while striving to be relevant, effective, creative and adaptable.

Our goal is help you find out how your passions and skills can intersect with God's call.

We work hand-in-hand with missionaries and sending churches to ensure that you are supported and equipped with a deep theological understanding, practical financial and ministry help, donor support, and unified teammates who will work beside you to accomplish the great work of the Great Commission.

How We Support Our Missionaries

We know that the idea of foreign missions has a lot of uncertainties, questions, and paperwork.

At ABWE, we try to make yielding to God’s call, and serving on a mission field, a little bit easier by providing dynamic training and comprehensive support:

  • Financial Services & Support
  • Support & Accountability through Field Teams
  • Personalized Coaching & Counseling
  • Ministry, Theological, & Leadership Training
  • Network & Resources for Team Recruitment
  • Network, Resources, & Marketing Support
  • and More (See the comprehensive list here)
Which Track is Best for You?

If you're a fit for ABWE, there are a variety of ways to serve.

ABWE also offers assistance to churches, youth groups and construction teams wanting to participate in short-term missions.

I want to see if missions is right for me.

I want to be a missionary.

I want to explore missions while I'm still in school.

Explore Missions

24-Hour DEMO

Learn what it means to be an ABWE missionary and how we can help you get to the mission field. Join us to learn about different missions opportunities all over the world, and receive guidance for the next step of your journey.


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