Are You Called To Become A Missionary? Global Missions Agency


ABWE’s gospel-centered, church-planting organization equips and sends missionaries all over the world. We provide training, support, and resources to help missionaries be successful in their ministries. ABWE partners with churches and organizations to send short-term and long-term missionaries. Our goal aims to see people come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in their faith. If you are called to missions, or if you want to support those who are, ABWE helps you to streamline your process and follow your calling.

What does Missionary life require?

A missionary’s life begins when someone decides that they desire to live their life serving God. Their work involves studying differing aspects of theology and doctrine, seeking and responding to prayer requests, learning to fundraise and gathering donations, learning the language of the area they’ll be serving, and assisting people in their communities. Missionaries work with Christ-centered communities and individuals to bring people to Jesus and best serve their ministries.

Which Pathway is Best for You?

I know I want to be a career missionary.

I want a serious apprenticeship experience.

I want to serve temporarily and see if missions is right for me.

I want to explore ministry as a current student or recent graduate.

I have my own funding, but I still want to serve alongside a missionary team.

I want to volunteer and help wherever I can.

Why Partner With a Missions Agency?

Our goal at ABWE is to come alongside you and help prepare you for the mission field. When you partner with us, you get more than just our decades of expertise, you also receive access to our network of supporters. With our new administrative fee, you get the support, training, and expertise you need to work on the missions field for less than before.