Clearing Volunteers For Your Field

As one of our many services and benefits to our missionary family and through partnership with Clear Travel, ABWE is now able to streamline the process of clearing U.S. volunteers to minister alongside current missionaries on the field.

Missionaries: please direct teams and individuals from your sending churches (and other groups connected to you) to utilize Clear Travel for all documents, background checks, and other required steps.

How To Use Clear Travel For Volunteer Trips

All those ministering on ABWE fields should use to register their ministry trip. This website will help them complete their requirements, which include:

  • A criminal background check
  • Child safety training
  • Security training
  • Daily emergency medical and evacuation insurance

Who is a volunteer?

A volunteer is someone who has all of the following characteristics:

  • A U.S. citizen (Canadian volunteers can contact ABWE Canada to register)
  • Is traveling to an ABWE field for ministry purposes
  • Will be on the field less than 60 days
  • Has not submitted an application through ABWE's Mobilization Department to participate in this trip
  • Does not have a support account with ABWE to fundraise for this trip and;
  • Is any age, including those under 18
    • (Minors do not have to complete the child safety and security training, or undergo a background check; however they must still register to receive travel insurance and trip clearance.)

ABWE is working with partner organizations, like Samaritans' Purse and CWE, to meet our trip requirements within their processes. Therefore, volunteers coming through these two organizations do not have to register through Clear Travel. If you have questions about requirements for volunteers serving with partner organizations not mentioned, contact

People traveling to ABWE fields who will not participate in any ministry activity are considered guests and do not have to register using Clear Travel.


FIRST-TIME VOLUNTEERS: There is a flat-fee of $100 for all first-time volunteers. This fee includes processing the trip, the trainings, a background check, and the required emergency medical and evacuation insurance for the trip. This insurance is not the same as the “travel insurance” that might be offered through a credit card, or other third-party vendors.

RETURNING/REPEAT VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers who have completed a background check for ABWE in the past 5 years and taken the child safety and security training, will be charged $25 (per trip) toward the cost of their emergency medical and evacuation insurance coverage.

MINORS: Minors are not required to complete a background check, the child safety training, or the security training, and will be charged $15 toward the cost of emergency medical and evacuation insurance coverage for their trip.

Background checks must be renewed every 5 years (cost TBD). Volunteers are only required to take the child safety and security training once.

Because it pays for services rendered, there is no tax deduction for the registration fee.

How to Register Volunteers

If you plan on hosting volunteers to your field, contact the ClearTravel Administrator at in order to be a trip host and get login credentials for the ClearTravel website. You are considered the “trip host” for these volunteers.

After a trip is requested the trip host should:

  1. Receive the login information from for the trip you are hosting.
  2. Select “ADD A TRIP”
  3. Add yourself as a "MEMBER" and select “HOST”
  4. Volunteers will add themselves as "MEMBERS" of the trip in their registration process (see below)
  5. Complete other required information in the form, except the “COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS” and “ADD REQUIREMENTS” sections.


  1. You will receive a registration link to send to your volunteers to add themselves as "MEMBERS" to the trip.
  2. Communicate the registration information and processing fee to your volunteer(s).
  3. Volunteers should complete their own registration with this information. Payment is due upon registration.
  4. You are responsible to monitor and follow-up with volunteers to insure they complete all the necessary components prior to the trip. Trip hosts can login to ClearTravel to see the status of each volunteers application.
  5. As trip host, ABWE will send you a Crisis Risk & Release form for you to distribute to each volunteer. This form can be completed and sent to the trip host to return, or directly to
  6. If you have questions about someone’s requirements, email