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Before You Quit: Doug Gehman on Perseverance

Author Doug Gehman shares how missionaries and pastors can develop a pattern of everyday endurance.

Before You Quit: Doug Gehman on Perseverance

Ministry is hard. For many, the temptation to throw in the towel is an ever-present reality. How can pastors, missionaries, and other Christian workers develop a sustained pattern of daily endurance? Doug Gehman, president of Globe International and author of Before You Quit: Everyday Endurance, Moral Courage, and the Quest for Purpose (Moody, 2020), draws on his cross-cultural experiences how to develop perseverance in ministry.

Doug Gehman attended Goshen College and Fuller Theological Seminary and completed graduate and doctoral degrees in missions at Liberty Christian University in Pensacola, FL. Since 1994, Doug has served with Globe International, a mission-sending agency based in Pensacola, FL. Doug and his wife Beth have ministered in nearly sixty nations.

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