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Why Theology Must Shape Mission: A Chat With Zane Pratt

Zane Pratt explains why our theological heritage is a gift to share on the mission field—not baggage from which to rid ourselves.

Why Theology Must Shape Mission: A Chat With Zane Pratt

For our 100th episode, we brought back a favorite friend of the show—Zane Pratt, vice president for global training for the IMB—for a heavy-hitting conversation about why our theology must absolutely, unapologetically shape our missiology.

In this interview, we tackle the honor and shame paradigm, the nature of faithful contextualization, the role of systematic and historical theology, and why our theology must ultimately bring us to our knees in devotion and worship.

For twenty years, he served as an IMB church planter and regional leader in Central Asia. Listen to Zane’s talk at CROSS 2019, hear our preview interview with Zane on disciple-making movements, and follow him on Twitter.

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