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Why Europe Needs Missionaries: Reaching Roman Catholics in Italy

Is Europe “reached”? ABWE missionary Jonathan Kleis explains why places like Italy are more secular and pagan than Christian.

Why Europe Needs Missionaries: Jonathan Kleis on Reaching Roman Catholics in Italy

While Europe has been the cradle of Christian civilization for centuries, certain countries—like Italy—never truly enjoyed the fruits of the Reformation. Now, Italy is steeped in secularism, paganism, and the occult, in addition to nominal Roman Catholicism. How should missionaries reach into this context, and how can we all engage our Roman Catholic friends and neighbors? Jonathan Kleis, an ABWE missionary in Italy engaged in evangelism and even public debate, weighs in.

Jonathan and Noella Kleis have served in Italy since 2005 in evangelism and church planting. They currently reside in Caselle in Turin, Italy. Support the Kleis’ ministry or email Jonathan to learn more.

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