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What Missionaries Need to Know About the Faith and Works Debate

Chris Bruno explains why Paul and James’ different language on justification has more to do with contextualization than disagreement.

What Missionaries Need to Know About the Faith and Works Debate: Chris Bruno on Justification and the Missiology of Paul and James

For New Testament students, fewer topics are more frequently studied and debated than the relationship between faith and works in the book of James and the letters of Paul. The question “how are we justified?” isn’t just a question asked in churches and seminaries—it’s also a vital question that relates to how we do missions. Could it be that Paul and James emphasize different truths, not because of doctrinal differences, but because they’re thinking like missionaries and contextualizing for their audience?

In this interview, Chris Bruno (Ph.D., Wheaton) returns to discuss his latest book, Paul Vs. James: What We've Been Missing in the Faith and Works Debate (Moody, 2019). Chris serves as assistant professor of New Testament and Greek at Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis. He previously taught Bible and theology at Cedarville University and Northland International University and served as a pastor at Harbor Church in Honolulu, Hawaii. Chris and his wife, Katie, have four sons. Follow Chris on Twitter and listen to our previous episode with him on biblical theology.

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