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The Urgency of Eternity and the Dangers of Pragmatism

Brooks Buser of Radius International shares why taking the gospel to the least reach matters—and why method matters too.

Brooks Buser on the Urgency of Eternity and the Dangers of Pragmatism

Do we really grasp the urgency of taking the gospel to those who have never heard? And if the task of making disciples among the unreached is so urgent, why shouldn’t we employ every pragmatic means at our disposal to finish the task? Brooks Buser weighs in this week and discusses pioneer missions, disciple-making movements, church planting movements, and other important missiological issues from a mobilizer’s perspective.

Brooks and Nina Buser planted a church among the Yembiyembi people in Papua New Guinea. In 2016, they returned to San Diego. Both Brooks and Nina participate in the teaching at Radius International as well as leading and traveling to spread the word about the necessity of training.

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