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A Theology of Language: Dr. Vern Poythress Speaks

Dr. Vern Poythress explains why language isn’t just a barrier for missionaries—it’s a gift that flows out of the Trinity itself.

The inconvenience of learning a foreign language is a major reason people choose not to pursue cross-cultural missions. But, as Dr. Vern Poythress explains, language isn’t just a barrier; it’s a gift from God that displays his creativity. In this special interview, Dr. Poythress explains why language itself finds its source in the Trinity, how missionaries should approach language learning. Later, we address how missionaries can use presuppositional apologetics in dealing with pagan religious cultures.

Rev. Dr. Vern Poythress (Ph.D., Harvard; D.Th., Stellenbosch) is professor of New Testament and biblical interpretation at Westminster Theological Seminary, where he has taught for 43 years.

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