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Jesus in Athens: Darren Carlson Discusses Refugee Documentary

Are the stories of refugee conversions true? Darren Carlson, president of Training Leaders International, explains TLI’s new documentary.

Muslim Refugees Meeting Christ: Darren Carlson on ‘Jesus in Athens’ Documentary

Are all the accounts of miraculous conversions among Muslim refugees true? What is unique about Athens, Greece amidst the ongoing people displacements in the Middle East? And what can U.S. churches learn from the hospitality and evangelistic zeal of Greek Christians? In this episode, Scott and Alex invited Darren Carlson to weigh in and take us on a journey through the planning and creation of his new documentary, Jesus in Athens.

Darren is President of Training Leaders International (TLI), a theological education ministry launched from Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota to equip and resource the 85 percent of pastors worldwide who have no formal biblical training. He’s also the brains behind the new documentary which chronicles the harrowing ordeal of Muslim refugees flooding into Athens from countries like Syria, Libya, and Iraq, only to encounter the love of Christ in the form of bold witness and radical mercy ministry among Greece’s tiny yet unignorable number of evangelical believers.

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