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How to Reach LGBTQ With the Gospel

Jim Childs shares how humility and bold truth-telling both play a role in engaging LGBTQ individuals for Christ.

Many of us are afraid to directly present Christ to those caught up in the LGBTQ subculture. Should we be afraid? How can we win the person, not just the argument? And what does Scripture say?

In this episode, we cut from our normal format to present you a conversation between Alex Kocman, Jim Childs, Kylie Dulo, and Drew Polanycia that took place in March of 2022 on the Idea Talks podcast.

Jim Childs serves with ABWE in the US through EveryEthne, helping churches engage LGBTQ individuals with the gospel. Learn more here.

This episode is brought to you in collaboration with the Idea Network. To learn more about Idea Network and purchase access to the replay of their LGBTQ webinar with Jim Childs, Christopher Yuan, and more, visit IdeaNetwork.church.

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