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How One Missionary Started a Century-Long Movement

Missionary and author Jim Ruff explains why ABWE Founder Raphael Thomas was controversial in his day—and can teach us.

How One Missionary Started a Century-Long Movement: Jim Ruff on ABWE Founder Raphael Thomas

In 1927, the evangelical church was split in two—between gospel-proclaiming fundamentalists and followers of the social gospel. Caught in the struggle was Baptist missionary Dr. Raphael Thomas. When his life and ministry took some unexpected turns, he was faced with a choice—and his actions sparked a missions movement nearly 100 years long. Who was Raphael Thomas? Jim Ruff, missionary and author of an upcoming biography on the ABWE founder, walks us through Thomas’ life and why it matters for Christians today.

Learn more about the legacy of Dr. Thomas and its connection to the mission today.

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