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God’s Law or Sharia? 40 Questions About Islam With Matt Bennett

In this interview, Matt Bennett explains what every Christian should know about engaging Muslims with the gospel.

God’s Law or Sharia? 40 Questions About Islam With Matt Bennett

How can Christians with a high view of God’s moral law in the Old Testament address the apologetics challenged posed by the Islamic doctrine of sharia? That’s one of a number of thought-provoking questions tackled by Matt Bennett this week as he connects with Scott and Alex about his newest book, 40 Questions About Islam.

Dr. Matthew Bennett joined the faculty at Cedarville University in fall 2017 after serving and living in North Africa and the Middle East since 2011. He currently teaches The Bible and the Gospel, Theology I, Urban Missiology, Contemporary World Missions, Global Theology, and World Religions. Hear our preview interviews with Matt here.

Editor's Note: If you want to learn to share your faith with a Muslim Friend, be sure to check out our free guide!

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