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Dr. Robin Hadaway on Reaching Folk Muslims

In this podcast episode, Robin Hadaway shares how can missionaries bring Christ into folk Muslims and other traditional religionists.

What is the difference between folk Islam and orthodox Islam—or folk religion in general and any other major religion—and how can Christians meaningfully present Christ in a context of traditional spiritism? Dr. Robin D. Hadaway joins us this week to unravel these complex missiological questions.

Dr. Hadaway is professor of missions at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, having joined the faculty in 2003. Dr. Hadaway came to MBTS following 18 years of service with the IMB. During that time, Dr. Hadaway was a church planter in North Africa and Tanzania. His 18 years with the IMB included administrative positions such as strategy coordinator, cluster leader, and finally Regional Leader for Eastern South America, with oversight of 350 missionaries in Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

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