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C.R. Wiley on Missions, the Household, and the Cosmos

Chris Wiley explains why the household isn’t just something to be sacrificed but actually cultivated in the name of missions.

C.R. Wiley on Missions, the Household, and the Cosmos

Is “household evangelism” biblical? And what is the role of the family in missional living?

In much of the contemporary missions conversation, the good, ordinary gifts of God—like marriage and family—are often spoken of mainly as things to be sacrificed, not as things to be cultivated as a part of the church’s mission. This week, Chris “C.R.” Wiley explains why a return to the biblical understanding of the household can be a powerful weapon on the church’s cosmic spiritual warfare, as well as an evangelistic tool in frontier missions.

C.R. Wiley has written for Touchstone Magazine, Modern Reformation, Sacred Architecture, The Imaginative Conservative, Front Porch Republic, National Review Online, and First Things, among others. His most recent book is, The Household and the War for the Cosmos published by Canon Press (2019). His short fiction has appeared in The Mythic Circle (published by the Mythopoeic Society) and elsewhere, and the first book in his young adult fantasy series, The Purloined Boy, was published by Canonball Books (2017). He is a member of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters. He can be heard weekly on The Theology Pugcast.

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