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Away From Home for the Holidays: A Missionary Perspective

Stephanie Boon shares the brokenness and beauty of Christmas away from home—and how Christ is enough.

Away From Home for the Holidays: A Missionary Perspective From Stephanie Boon

How do missionaries feel when separated from holiday traditions back home? Should global workers feel guilty for the abundance they enjoy at Christmastime? And what can churches do to support missionaries who feel stuck in the middle between home and the field? Stephanie Boon, ABWE missionary to Tanzania, shares.

Read Stephanie’s advent devotional article here.

Stephanie Boon lives in Tanzania with her husband and their five children. She co-founded Sifa Collective, which equips women with the hope of the gospel and tools to launch their own local businesses. After earning her M.A. in Counseling and B.S. in Counseling (Theology/Psychology), she worked with colleagues to open a Community Counseling Center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where they provide gospel-centered individual and group counseling, and counseling training for local churches. Read her blog at Things We Didn't Know or support her ministry.

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