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From Africa to the Abortion Clinic: Anthony Mathenia Speaks

Pastor Anthony Mathenia explains the sovereignty of God in both evangelism and suffering.

From Africa to the Abortion Clinic: Anthony Mathenia on Suffering and the Sovereignty in Evangelism

Anthony Mathenia ministered faithfully in Ethiopia as a missionary, but the pragmatism and watering-down of the gospel he saw from his fellow cross-cultural workers worried him. He was charting a new course—until God’s sovereignty directed him elsewhere, and the sudden passing of his wife brought him back to the U.S. to raise their children. Now he’s pastoring and preaching the gospel to abortion-seekers on the front lines in his city. So what does pro-life ministry have in common with evangelism in Ethiopia? As it turns out: everything.

Anthony is pastor of Christ Church in Radford, Virginia, a board member of HeartCry Missionary Society, and the founder of Better Than Life ministries. Follow him on Twitter.

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