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Featured Project: Global Gospel Fund

If your missionary was struggling or suffering, would you know?

Living abroad, raising kids, staying healthy, doing ministry; they all can be challenging under normal circumstances. Now add in stress, crisis, and isolation. It’s no wonder missionaries need special care.

Through ABWE’s Global Gospel Fund, we are working to create and grow the “member care” ministries that serve missionaries in times of crisis, and also work to prevent it by supporting families and individuals—spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Our goal isn’t just to help more people go, but also to help them stay and thrive in their ministry.

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With more than 85 years of experience sharing Christ's love, we are committed to sharing what we’ve learned and equipping you to effectively reach people with the gospel.


Whether you're just starting to get curious about missions or you've already embraced your call to the nations, coming to our free 24-Hour DEMO, is a great way to start your journey.

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