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Rohingya Refugee Relief

They have been called the “most persecuted people group,” and today, many who are watching their plight would not argue that claim.

The Global Gospel Fund

You may already give to a missionary. Now you can support 1,000. Give to the Global Gospel Fund to support frontline missions all over the world.


Discover why going with a missions agency is so much more effective and rewarding than going alone. At 24- Hour DEMO you can discover who we are and engage with others on the journey.


ABWE’s Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship training and resources were created to help believers and churches effectively share the gospel and prepare to do cross-cultural ministry in your communities.

Recent Stories

Forgiving His Abuser

Edem had spent his life hating his uncle. But his heart changed one day.

3 Things Evangelism Isn’t

If we get the gospel wrong, it doesn’t matter what else we get right.

A Change of Heart

An old enemy surprises two PNG missionaries with some unexpected news.