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Nicaragua Ministry Center Crisis

This center hosted more than 20,000 people last year, and has trained 88 Nicaraguan pastors on how to plant and grow local churches. But now, civil unrest is threatening these vibrant and effective ministries.

The Global Gospel Fund

You may already give to a missionary. Now you can support 1,000. Give to the Global Gospel Fund to support frontline missions all over the world through vision, leadership, care and education.


Discover why going with a missions agency is so much more effective and rewarding than going alone. At 24- Hour DEMO you can discover who we are and engage with others on the journey.


With more than 85 years of experience sharing Christ's love, we are committed to sharing what we’ve learned and equipping you to effectively reach people with the gospel.

Recent Stories

Don't Waste Your Grief
When tragedy struck, the DeKryger family continued their
ministry despite their pain

A Lifelong Call
Sophie Jenista has faithfully served with ABWE for 70 years. At 95, she still facilitates a prison ministry in the Philippines.

The Man From Nowhere
Two evangelists ambushed and beaten by an unknown gang are suddenly rescued by a mysterious, white-haired stranger.