Special Missionary Needs

Trials are certainly not new to the family of God, and all too often, we receive an urgent communication from a missionary detailing a catastrophic incident and their need for immediate help. This has ranged from:

  • An electrical fire that destroyed the home of South Asian missionaries while they were home on furlough
  • A terrible car accident injuring a missionary and her two children
  • An armed robbery of a young missionary who had just arrived on the field

Life-changing events like these can be devastating, but with your generosity, we can help our missionaries through these difficult hardships.


Our Special Missionary Needs fund was created to help us care for our missionaries when they were faced with extreme life events. Whether it’s helping them repair their home after a hurricane, receive emergency medical attention, or purchase a flight so they can care for a sick parent, your support of the Special Missionary Needs fund can help missionaries through life’s difficult challenges so they can continue to share the gospel.

Give now to help missionaries in crisis.